Stories, Leadership, and Change

“The future is made by those who can go forth with courage, with adaptability, open minds, learning to discover, to agitate and instigate, and to collaborate and build, always with a bias for action.”

These are the wise words of Beth Comstock, the first female vice chair of GE and the author of Imagine it Forward. I read her book about a year ago and it still sits with me, especially now in this time of lingering uncertainty and change. A “bias for action” is the bit I really appreciate in the above statement. Throughout her career, Comstock stood up, spoke up, and instigated change. With a Bachelor of Science under her belt, she worked her way up the ranks of corporate America; and for a good part of it as a divorced single mother. Respect!

  • The recently released documentary Closing the Loop, featuring sustainability expert Wayne Visser, includes encouraging stories of organizations in Europe, South America, and Africa moving toward a circular economy.
  • RE100, a global initiative to accelerate the shift to clean energy and zero carbon grids, includes more than 240 of the “world’s most influential companies”.

“The ability to harness story is what differentiates a good leader from a great one. The story has to bring to life the strategy.”

Strategy is a well-told story

Canadian Capetonian living in Toronto trying to be a good father and husband as I navigate through life on this mysterious planet.

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